Diy coupon book for best friend

What kind of paper did you use to print these on?

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There's one themed coupon for each month, and the first three months also include gift certificates for local restaurants or movies. How do homemade coupons work? You just use your creativity to come up with something or multiple things you can do for someone, create a coupon of any type or size or form you'd like, and give it to them as you would a gift or a card. They can "redeem" that coupon with you whenever they want to. It's a pretty simple, fun way to give a gift that doesn't have to cost anything.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I never even thought of giving personalized coupons to someone as gift. Great idea and Great Idea List!! I did this for my parents as a child and I think it's a lovely and always well-recieved idea that also is good for the planet! Over consumerism is our biggest enemy and this is a great alternative to buying stuff!

Lovely lens!!!

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These are really cute, especially for someone on a limited budget. Tons of great ideas here. I love this idea, and have made some of these myself. Mine haven't been quite as creative as yours, but they were still appreciated! This is such an excellent idea for a personal touch to a gift for someone. I've heard of the idea and even toyed with it but this is more comprehensive than I'd considered.

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  • I have given and received gift coupons before for a night of babysitting, a free lunch, etc, but none quite so cute as these ideas! I love the homemade booklet.

    What else to add in a best friends coupon book?

    We do this a lot in our family. I just ran across a couple of little coupon books that my daughter made me when she was young. Really lovely gift ideas. I used to make coupon books for my parents. What a happy memory. Thanks for the neat lens! Wonderful ideas! I love the photos of your coupon books with the monthly themes.

    It's always great to see examples to get ideas. I like making home made coupon books for just about anyone, for any reason. I've designed a few for teachers to hand out to students, and they're super popular. I love giving gift coupons You are right, there are so many ways to give of time or talent without buying a gift, and of course all those date nights, and movie tickets you put in your book for the new parents plus the laundry, folded, and babysittting is a priceless gift!

    Friendship Coupons

    We did a family 'coupon book' gift exchange one Christmas when we were 'between jobs' and money was very tight. Two parents, two teenagers and a year-old each created gift coupons out of construction paper and the 'ideas' each one came up with made for a delightful surprise. Simple coupons for 'doing your kitchen chores, etc. It was a huge success and you would have thought we'd exchanged really expensive gifts! My 'children' are grown now, but this coupon book exchange is the Christmas they all remember the most!

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    • Just goes to show how the simple pleasures in life and the thoughtfulness behind them are what is most important! I love the idea of coupon books and always told the kids when they were little to make them for us. I still have those coupon books and they are so fun to look at.

      I'm thinking that I just might take one of them back to turn in. They are so funny when they are coming from an 8 year old lol. My husband and I are big fans of coupons. She may feel funny asking you to do some of the things, so you can call and say Im bringing dinner over tonight so dont cook, or I am comming over for coffee and girl chat tomarrow, then you can take a shower, or you can watch the baby while she goes shopping.

      My thought about receiving such a gift is, "hmm, you mean I need a COUPON for a sympathetic ear, or an honest opinion, or a shoulder to cry on?

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      I'm making a coupon book for my friend? What to put in a coupon book? More questions. I'm personalizing a book as a gift for my boyfriend. What should I write in it?

      Design Your Own Coupons and Print Them

      Parents would you appreciate this gift at your baby shower? Answer Questions Sleep away summer camp anxiety, advice? Even if they won? Is it easy or hard for someone to tell if you ve been crying? I am a young introvert with little time and my friends are drifting away, how can I find new ones?

      What would you do if you live in a lousy country? If you're being bullied, does bullying the bullies back make them stop? My friend wants to end her life Did i waste my life?